Student Transportation

Bus Safety

Please also refer to Morning Drop off and Afternoon Pick Up on this page.

Mobile Central High Bus Routes

Please use this link to determine the bus route number for your child plus the times for pick up and drop off:

Courtesy Seating

A courtesy seat is a seat on a bus route for a student who has not been assigned to this route based on their civic address. An example of this may be after school programs. More information about courtesy bus seating is provided in the protocol below. If you need to avail of courtesy seating, please complete the form below and send the completed form to the school.


Form to Apply for Courtesy Seating:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Parking Lot and Bus Safety

Morning Drop off and Afternoon Pick Up

Safety: Please be sure to drive carefully and keep a very close eye for pedestrians.

Supervision: There will be two teachers on duty in both the morning and afternoon.

Seating on Bus: We will assign students according to region on the bus.

  • Elementary students (grade 5 and 6) will sit in the front area

  • Junior High students (grades 7, 8, and 9) will sit in the middle region

  • High School students (Levels 1, 2, and 3) will sit in the back region

Bus Drop off in the Morning

  • Buses will line up in the bus lane in front of the main entrance. The bus lane is closest to the building. This way no student will have to cross in front of a bus or car.

  • Students are asked to exit the bus and proceed directly into the building.

Parent Drop off in the Morning

  • Parents are asked to drop their children off at the beginning of the parent lane. The parent lane is outside the bus lane (and is not the lane closest to the building).The drop off point will begin at the pylons. This is to allow for space behind for other vehicles.

  • There will be a teacher present to guide the student across the bus lane. This is important to avoid students walking in between buses for safety reasons.

  • Parents are asked to ensure their child is ready to exit their vehicles quickly, so as not to hold up traffic behind them. Parents are asked not to pass other vehicles in the parent lane to ensure the safety of our students.

Bus Pick up in the Afternoon

  • Elementary students will load the buses first with the assistance of a teacher. Junior and Senior high students will follow second.

  • Students going on the bus will leave before any student walking or being picked up.

Parent Pick up in the Afternoon/Students Walking

  • As in the morning, the parent lane is outside the bus lane (and is not the lane closest to the building).This pick up point will begin alongside the pylons to allow for space for other vehicles behind.

  • Traffic will not flow until buses have been loaded and left the parking lot. Any students walking or being picked up will be dismissed after buses are loaded and left. This prevents these students from walking in between buses and other vehicles.

  • It is also important that vehicles do not pass other vehicles when picking up their child for safety reasons. This means that it is important students being picked up in the front of the line are ready and not holding up traffic.

Early Sign out

  • If a student needs to be picked up early, parents must avoid the time the buses are leaving the school, as well as the time the buses are waiting in the parking lot for students to be dismissed. The early pick up time will be 2:30 pm and no later. In this case, you must sign out your child at the office.