Student Transportation

Bus Safety

Please also refer to SAFETY and PROCEDURES below.


Mobile Central High Bus Routes

Please use this link to determine the bus route number for your child plus the times for pick up and drop off:

Early Sign out 

If a student needs to be picked up early, parents must avoid the time the buses are leaving the school, as well as the time the buses are waiting in the parking lot for students to be dismissed. The early pick up time will be 2:30 pm and no later. In this case, you must sign out your child with the office. 

Courtesy Seating

A courtesy seat is a seat on a bus route for a student who has not been assigned to this route based on their civic address. An example of this may be after school programs. More information about courtesy bus seating is provided in the document below from the district. If you need to avail of courtesy seating, please complete the form  on page 6 and send the completed form to the school. You can also do this digitally using the fillable form below and email it to the school.

Protocol and Form:

Courtesy Seating Fillable Form: 


Expectations for Students on Parking Lot 

Expectations for Student Drivers 

Expectations for Parents 


Bus Drop off in the Morning 

Parent Drop off in the Morning

Bus Pick up in the Afternoon 

Parent Pick up in the Afternoon/Students Walking