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Food not Permitted in School due to Anaphylactic Reactions

Foods not to be taken to school due to life threatening allergies include: 

Video Surveillance

It is important that all parents and guardians are aware that the school uses a video security system. We believe this is necessary to protect the safety and security of students, staff and visitors and to protect student and district property.  

According to district policy, a video/electronic security system can be a valuable tool for promoting safe and secure teaching and learning environments. Such systems can support the implementation of Safe and Caring Schools policies and may help schools to respond to bullying behaviour, prevent or reduce theft and vandalism and provide a means for holding individuals accountable for criminal or unbecoming conduct while on district property. The use of video/electronic security systems on district property balances the privacy rights of students and others with our obligation to provide safe learning and working environments and the need to protect district property from theft and vandalism.