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We are pleased to be able to keep you better informed about all our events and activities here at our school.

Take a few moments to browse our website and learn a little more about our wonderful school. It is our hope to regularly post information on this site, so please check back from time to time.

On behalf of the staff and students of Mobile Central High, thank you for your continued support of all our initiatives as together we create a community culture and enthusiasm for learning.

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Latest News and Announcements

Food not Permitted in School due to Anaphylactic Reactions

Foods not to be taken to school due to life threatening allergies include:

  • Mango

  • Nuts of any kind

  • Shellfish

  • Fish

  • Peas and other legumes

  • Eggs*

*Cooked eggs such as egg sandwiches or fried eggs are not permitted in the building. Please be careful not to prepare or purchase this food. For example, Tim Horton’s egg salad sandwiches are not permitted. Thanks.

Picture Day is Tuesday, September 21st

Come prepared on Tuesday to have your picture taken!

Cafeteria Menu

Chartwells is not accepting orders online this year. It is cash only until the debit machine is fixed.

Small 1 week Menu Elementary 2021-22.pptx

School Year Start 2021-22

Welcome back! Here is some information for the return to school.

2021-22 School Year Start

Cafeteria service will resume on Tuesday April, 13.

Memo for Scenario 3 (February 10th, 2021)

Please review the memo from MCHS with important information pertaining to our move to Scenario 3 (online learning) on February 11th, 2021

Memo to Parents, February 10, 2021.pdf

Contracts for Chromebooks

The contract has now been given out to students to complete and return to school as soon as possible. The Chromebooks have not arrived yet but we will be able to speed up the process when they do arrive if the student has returned the contract.

Any student who has signed out a Chromebook with the school can keep it until the new Chromebooks arrive, however, it must be returned when they receive the new one. The Chromebook loan agreement and letter is located to your right. Your child should already have the loan agreement but we thought we would provide it just in case.

Chromebook Loan Agreement.pdf
Chromebook Loan Agreement Cover letter v2.pdf

Tutoring for Tuition

Ms. Bourgeois is looking for tutors and students interested in being tutored. Please contact her if you are interested

Medical Mentor Community Info Sessions

This looks great for any high school student interested in medicine.


Day Time Awards Ceremony 2020

Congratulations to all of our students for striving for academic excellence each and every day. Please see our awards booklet to see who received the honours for top marks.

Many thanks to our community sponsors. We are very fortunate to have this support every year. It sends a powerful message about the importance of education.

2020 Day Awards Booklet .pdf

Cap and Gown 2020

Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates. We are so proud of all of you and wish you the very best into the future. Please remember you are always a MCHS Monarch.

Many thanks to those who have supported our scholarships. We are so fortunate to have such a strong community who recognize the value of education.

2020 Awards Booklet Night Ceremony .pdf

Commemorative Annual Awards - Ace's Bursary Education Fund for Determined Kids

There will be two awards for graduating students valued at $1000 + $100 Gas Card from Dunne’s Petroleum Inc. in memory of Aaron Carey. Please have a look and consider applying. This is a beautiful tribute from his friends and family.

Commemoration Annual Award Final Version - Nov 25, 2020 LA KB.docx

Clothing Orders due November 26th

Please use the order form here to complete your order. PJ Sports will be at school on Thursday. Orders are expected to be ready before Christmas.

Mobile Clothing Order Form 2020.pdf

Scholarship Opportunity for 2020 Graduates

Please see the scholarship application from the BBBAA. It is due Friday, November 20th. This will be awarded at the Virtual Cap and Gown on December 3rd.

2020__MCHS scholarship_Fillable_Application.pdf

Scholarship Opportunity for 2020 Graduates

This will be awarded during the virtual cap and gown ceremony on December 3rd. The deadline is soon - November 23rd. Many thanks to C & W Industrial.

C & W Scholarship 2020 Final.doc

Updated Covid 19 Screening Questionnaire (November 10th)

Please continue to follow the screening questionnaire daily:


Screening Questionnaire Nov 10.pdf

Donation Letter for Award Ceremonies

We are looking for your help. We are going to proceed with our Cap and Gown/Awards Night for our graduates, as well as the Daytime Awards for our current students. The Cap and Gown/Awards night will be virtual and our Daytime Awards will be adapted to meet Covid 19 restrictions in the school.

This means we are looking for scholarship donations from our community. We are hoping that you can reach out to groups or businesses in the community to provide donations. Perhaps, you may be in a position to donate yourself.

These awards ceremonies are intended to stress the value of hard work to attain a goal and the importance of education to future success in many aspects of life. I have attached a donation letter with more details. Please feel free to share this letter with as many organizations as possible. Thanks for your help.

scholarship letter 2020.pdf

Video Surveillance

It is important that all parents and guardians are aware that the school uses a video security system. We believe this is necessary to protect the safety and security of students, staff and visitors and to protect student and district property.

According to district policy, a video/electronic security system can be a valuable tool for promoting safe and secure teaching and learning environments. Such systems can support the implementation of Safe and Caring Schools policies and may help schools to respond to bullying behaviour, prevent or reduce theft and vandalism and provide a means for holding individuals accountable for criminal or unbecoming conduct while on district property. The use of video/electronic security systems on district property balances the privacy rights of students and others with our obligation to provide safe learning and working environments and the need to protect district property from theft and vandalism.

Flu Vaccinations

The Public Health Program at Eastern Health is offering the flu vaccine in school to students in grade 4-12. Flu vaccine consent forms have been sent home with students. These forms must be completed in full, signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to school as soon as possible if you wish to have your child receive the free flu vaccine at school. Additional information is available at the Eastern Health’s Flu web page.

Vaccines will be administered on December 16th and 17th which is good timing for the flue season in our province.

Please be sure to return by November 6th and please be certain it is completed in full. Incomplete forms or forms brought after the deadline will not be accepted. Thank you.

Flu Vaccines 2020.pdf

Life Threatening Allergies

Foods not to be taken to school due to life threatening allergies include:

  • Nuts of any kind

  • Shellfish

  • Fish

  • Peas and other legumes

  • Eggs*

*Cooked eggs such as egg sandwiches or fried eggs are not permitted in the building. Please be careful not to to prepare or purchase this food. For example, Tim Horton’s egg salad sandwiches are not permitted. Thanks.

Re-Entry Plans for Schools

We look forward to working with our school community this year. As you probably know, the re-entry plan for schools has been released from the school district. Schools have been asked to make more specific plans based on our own unique school structure.

We are currently working on this plan and will share it with you once it is ready. Likewise, we expect to hear shortly about bus transportation.

Here is the link to the district website for reopening schools which includes the re-entry plan for you to review:


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Medical Forms

If your child requires medical forms or has anaphylactic allergies, please print and compete the necessary forms below. Please bring these forms on the first day of school, along with any medications that the school may be required to administer.

Medication Forms: Required for all medications, including over the counter medication. Both sections of Form A are required for all medications. Form D can be completed in certain circumstances for self-administration of medication, but please confirm this with the school. Forms B and C are not required.


Anaphylaxis Information and Forms: Pages 13-17 include the form that must be completed and are specific to the emergency plan. Please note the medical forms A and D above are also required.


It is important to note that medical information where appropriate will be shared with staff. Pictures of students with anaphylaxis will be posted for staff to view in the office area. Please let the school know if you have any questions.